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Estimated Swim Times

Credit: Montrose Images

Is your estimated swim time accurate?  We use your estimated swim time to group you into a lane with people who will swim at a similar pace.  It is therefore really important that your time is as accurate as possible so you are not being held up by slower swimmers or vice versa.


Many of you will have guessed your swim time when you signed up to the events which is fine, as long as you take a minute to update it before the 24th May 2019 if you are signed up to the Montrose Tri, or 12th July 2019 if you are signed up to the Forfar Tri.


If you signed up to the event using an EntryCentral login then you will have to update your time yourself.  EntryCentral does not let the organiser amend your details (which is very frustrating!).

To do this:


If you signed up to the event as a “guest” user then we can update your time for you.  Just send us an email letting us know which event you have entered and your new time and we will update it for you.