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Race Day Tips from a Pro – Andrew Woodroffe, Scottish Triathlete

29 May 15:  Local lad and Scottish Traithlete, Andrew Woodroffe, gives us his top tips ahead of this weekend’s Montrose Triathlon.

“So race day is fast approaching, the final training sessions should almost be done and its just about time to see how the training and preparation has paid off! Leading up to a race it’s important to start thinking about race day, what kit you need ready, having a rough idea of the course and making sure you are ready for that start in the pool!

Clothing choice is all very personal but you want to be comfortable across all three disciplines and if you are changing in transition you need this to be something you can put on easily and wet! Think about the bike, do you think you will be cold and need an extra layer or are you hoping for a fast time? If it’s the latter you’ll want to consider wearing the same outfit across the three disciplines but for some you’ll want to have a quick change so try and keep it minimal!

For the bike make sure your bike is ready to go, have the tires pumped up, make sure all little bolts are tight and good to go. A big tip is a clean bike is a fast bike, its good to get any excess dirt or grime off the bike and frame. Any little piece of muck can slow you down! Get your helmet out, check your strap can fasten easily and that its comfortable on the neck. Also think about your pedals, if your using clip ins make sure you remember your shoes and they can slip on fast! A really great tip I always use is putting talcum powder in your shoes. It helps the feet dry faster after the swim and stops your feet slipping so much.

Run wise will you be wearing socks? If so a little powder in them and again try and have a pair that are easy to get on. If not make sure you can slip your shoes on easily and when setting up transition you pull the tounge out a little more than normal.

These are just a few basic tips and things to think about before the race. Try and keep your transition simple and don’t try anything new on race day! No fancy drinks etc make sure you have tried them before. If it’s your first triathlon good luck and have a great time and just keep relaxed!

See you on Sunday
Andrew Woodroffe”

Twitter: andrewwoodroffe
Blog: Andrew Woodroffe. Scottish Triathlete.