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Route Update – Montrose Triathlon

Please note the following updates to the published 2018 Montrose Triathlon novice and sprint bike routes.


As part of the Montrose Harbour improvement works, a new road is being created near the harbour, and works are now nearing completion.  Tri Angus intends to incorporate this road into the bike route for the 2018 Montrose Triathlon.  The new section of road will offer a more direct route out of/into town, not to mention a nice smooth road surface.


The new road is not yet listed on Google Maps, however we have done our best to indicate where it is on the route maps.  The new road features within the first 1km of the route and will connect Ferry Street/Caledonia Street with River Street.


Please take time to familiarise yourself with the new route ahead of the event.  The bike route will be clearly signed and there will be marshals in place at key points on the course however, it is ultimately the participant’s responsibility to know the route and how many laps you need to do on the day.